2024 the 13th International Conference on Material Science and Engineering Technology (ICMSET 2024)

Submission Guideline

To facilitate the submission process and the subsequent follow up process, please consider the following guidelines, information, tips, terms and deadlines mentioned.

Template Download

Full-Paper-Template.doc    TTP-LaTeX Template.zip

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How to Submit your Paper

  • ● Download the Full Paper Template for proceedings and read guidelines.
    ● Prepare your manuscript in English. Please ensure that your manuscript does not contain grammatical and language errors. All third party work included in your paper should be properly acknowledged with referencing.
    ● Each paper should have no less than 5 pages normally, including all figures, tables, and references. One regular registration is within SIX Pages. Extra pages will be charged.

Peer Review Process

  • ●Implementing a double-blind peer review system to ensure unbiased evaluation of conference papers.
    ●Establishing clear criteria for assessing the quality and relevance of conference papers during the peer review process.
    ●Encouraging reviewers to provide constructive feedback to authors to enhance the overall quality of conference papers.
    ●Developing a standardized review template to streamline the evaluation process and ensure consistency among reviewers.
    ●Enhancing transparency by providing authors with access to reviewer comments and recommendations.
    ●Promoting diversity among reviewers to incorporate a range of perspectives and expertise in the evaluation of conference papers.
    ●Implementing a two-stage review process, where initial reviews focus on overall suitability and subsequent reviews delve into more detailed aspects of conference papers.
    ●Establishing a clear timeline for the peer review process to ensure timely feedback for authors and efficient publication of conference papers.

If you are not hearing from us

Please set your email spam filter to accept messages from “@saise.org”. Call the conference in case you do not receive an acknowledgment/follow-up email from the conference secretariat after sending in your abstract, registrations or inquiry within 3 days. Please check your spam/junk folder in prior to making inquiries regarding your concern.

We will send you regular updates regarding the conference development. Please go through the said updates and plan your schedule well ahead of time. Make sure to provide your mobile phone number in your registration form, this will enable our team to contact you if you should have any issues regarding your abstract or registration.

Important Dates

Submission Deadline

August 15th, 2024

Notification of Acceptance

September 5th, 2024

Registration Deadline 

September 25th, 2024

Conference Dates
November 22-24, 2024


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